Mangement Team

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Mopé Adelakun

Director of Sales and Marketing

Mopé leads the marketing initiatives at Segthlon. She has worked in the Marketing and Sales division of leading Fortune 500 company where she was responsible for market data and analysis. She holds MBA and M.S. in Applied Statistics from DePaul University, Chicago. Under her leadership the company has experienced tremendous growth.

Peter Rose

Executive Director of Sales

Peter leads the sales strategy at Segthlon. He has over 30 years of experience in sales, customer relationship and marketing. Peter has sold over 400 million fastening related products per annum globally. In addition to his sales experience, Peter brings thought leadership to Segthlon.

Yele Adelakun

Executive Managing Partner

As the managing Director of Segthlon Yele is responsible for setting the company strategy and execution with the other senior directors. He has several years of experience in general consulting, outsourcing, training and education.

Feiying Hu

Director of Technology

Feiying is the head of IT organization. Her responsibilities include application development and maintenance. Feiying has extensive knowledge and experience in website development and maintenance.