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We innovate, ideate, execute, & commercialize

Segthlon helps companies launch creative, innovative ideas to market by utilizing agile methodology. This approach allows for constant feedback and client involvement, leading to vigorous execution and higher quality products. With over 20 years of industry experience, Segthlon helps companies launch creative ideas to market through innovation and agile methodologies. Our approach allows for constant client involvement and a better understanding of business needs, leading to vigorous execution and high-quality products.


Capable of making your innovative ideas a reality.


Data Services

Data Strategy, Data Management, Data Analytics,
Data Science

Data Services

Using our team’s industry knowledge and expertise, we provide data strategy, data management, data analytics, and data science services. Segthlon is dedicated to assisting clients at every step in these processes.


Software Development

Web, Mobile, Native app

Software Development

Talented developers are available to assist with various software development, including webpages, mobile apps, and native apps. Our talented staff has a wide range of knowledge and expertise in many coding languages such as Python, Java, Ruby on Rails and more. 



User Research, User Experience Design


We deliver user friendly applications that maximize user engagement. Our designers are focused on delivering high quality and unique products by utilizing agile methodology and human centered design. The goal is always to create the best experience possible for all users.


Visual Design

Graphic Design, Concept Art, Animation

Visual Design

Our creative team is well equipped to provide any visual development that is needed for your project. We have a talented group of artists who specialize in different forms of visual design, and are dedicated to creating fresh, unique works that will stand out amongst the competition. 


Innovative &
Agile Training

Includes guiding clients during ideation and brainstorming phase.

Innovative & Agile Training

Segthlon employs an agile approach when it comes to developing projects to assure impactful business value in our delivery. We aim to educate and inform clients on agile practices to encourage more innovation. This includes guiding clients during the ideation and brainstorming phase.


IT Staffing

Staff Augmentation, Project Manager, Scrum Master, Developers, Designers

IT Staffing

We provide staffing services for any roles that are required for projects. Segthlon employs young, talented individuals that are eager to assist with any project development needs.


IT Outsourcing

We provide IT outsourcing services from staff augmentation to full solution delivery.

IT Outsourcing

We provide IT outsourcing services from staff augmentation to full solution delivery. Segthlon can help with acquiring services such as QA testing, support staff and other project needs.


Work with us.

Segthlon partners with businesses that have innovative ideas and takes them all the way to production and market. We provide help and services along every step of the way, from brainstorming to production. If you have an innovative idea, a tech project, or want to learn more about collaborating with Segthlon, we’d love to hear from you.